Passionate Specialists in the Andes

Because you want much more than a physical trip, we design a transformative experience for you.

Why Wakawi Adventure?

Because you need a company whose mission is to make your dreamt travel come true so that you can create unique and meaningful travel experiences, the kind that stay in your memory for a lifetime, and that’s what we have been doing at Wakawi Adventure since 1999. As a traveler with a thirst for adventure and new experiences, you are moved by something much deeper than walking a new path and taking beautiful photos, and it’s for your trip to reach the deepest layers of your being and transform you that we pour all our energies in designing personalized experiences. Our mission is to provide you with an emotional connection with the destination you choose and with everything it involves: its people, its history, its culture, its gastronomy and its nature. Because you want much more than just a physical trip, we design a transforming experience for you.


People & service

We put your feet a talented human team dedicated to ensuring unforgettable memories in each part of the trip.

Amazing encounters

The experiences that we design for you are unique and unrepeatable, in amazing places and with high quality services.

Legendary trips

From a day hike to grand expeditions, we make sure to bring you magic, mysticism and adventure on each of your tours.

Unmatched itineraries

Because we know you're looking for exclusiveness, we take you off the beaten track and take you to places few travelers have seen.

Knowledgeable and friendly Guides

Our Guides make the difference between a good adventure and a wonderful sensory experience.

Small group experience

We know that true enjoyment is with your loved ones, not surrounded by crowds of strangers. Small group tours for the perfect enjoyment!

Authentic activities

We design for you a perfect plan for you to dive in the chosen destination through activities that promote immersive experiences.

Adventures with purpose

You will live adventures that take a longer way in order to protect our planet and its people.

Unique travel philosophy

Because you don't take the experience of traveling lightly, we have designed a proposal for you based on a of low-impact travel philosophy, protected by privacy, within a cozy climate of small groups.