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Why Travel with Wakawi Adventure

We believe that tourism is an effective response to the innate call to move to not only meet other cultures but also to find a better version of ourselves. Each of our traveling tours is a challenge, in which you will not only visit beautiful landscapes but will discover the potential within you. Share new experiences while discovering our carefully selected destinations. We will take you to locations not covered by others. With us, you will discover the real Andes.

We offer specialized tourism, where you can enjoy stunning natural landscapes while experiencing adventure on the same itinerary. Our locations are not only beautiful but also exclusive.

Our main activity In Wakawi, we strive to show the world the natural beauties of Peru. We reinvent tourism, creating a more balanced approach, which combines intimate, personal and contemplative moments, with exciting challenges and adventures.

Our purpose We are seeking to expand. We want to consolidate ourselves as the tourist agency par excellence in Peru. We want to make tourism a driving force for culture and economy. We wish to change the image of our nation.

What distinguishes us?

  • Our innovative approach to designing and planning our activities.
  • Our commitment to fulfilling the full scope of our purposes.
  • Committing to responsibility in our actions.
  • Our most respect for our customers, nature and the environment.
  • Full disclosure and honesty in the conditions, qualities, and skills offered.
  • Efficiency in the provision of our services.
  • Sharing gratitude with all around us.
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