Triple summit in Urus, Ishinca and Tocllaraju peaks - 8 days

tocllaraju expedition

This trip is ideal for those looking to experience the height of 6000m without having previous experience, and with only a short time to stay. On this climb, there will be adequate time to acclimatize and practice climbing techniques with our instructor guides.

The three mountains are climbed starting from the same base camp. The first ascent is snowy Urus. Some years this summit is only rock and a rock-climbing section is included.

Urus is an excellent place to achieve acclimatization and gain strength for the most difficult mountain in this program, Tocllaraju.

After Urus, we ascend Ishinca. The route is longer but less steep than Urus. A moraine camp can be set up for slow and elderly customers.

Here you will train to climb the Tocllaraju, with its more difficult sections. At the end of the last section, you will enjoy an approximately 100m long climb, applying all the climbing techniques you have learned from our Mountain Guides.



Pax Price
1 $3,100.00
2 $1,850.00
3 $1,600.00
4 - 5 $1,440.00
6 - 7 $1,400.00
8 - 9 $1,300.00
10+ $1,200.00


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