Pre-Inca Trail - Huantsán Circuit - 6 days

Discover the magic of the pre-Inca trail. This stunning trail of the spectacular Blanca Mountain Range is an experience you will find incredible. Along the trail, you will connect with the mysterious and mystical history of the ancient pre-Inca route. Incredible views of one of the most splendid natural landscapes in the world make this trail well worth the admiration of any visitor. The snowy mountains, spectacular lagoons of crystalline waters, the Andean villages nestled in the mountains, the beautiful waterfalls, make it a truly magical trek.

The pre-Inca route offers the opportunity to visit the archaeological center Chavín de Huantár, the oldest culture in Peru, its development dates back to the years 1000 to 300 BC. This unique attraction includes a great feat of exceptional engineering for its time, with labyrinths, interconnected tunnels, and caverns built underground. The trail is an unforgettable experience, with its combination of spectacular landscapes and ancient culture.



Pax Price
1 $2,910.00
2 - 3 $1,300.00
4 - 5 $810.00
6 - 9 $740.00
10+ $600.00


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