Most Popular Mountain In Peru – Climbing Pisco - 4 days

Pisco mountain climbing

If you are a beginner to climbing, ascending to snowy Pisco is the best location to start. Its ascent is not too difficult and it does not require any previous experience.

The beauty of the mountain’s natural environment makes it a truly unforgettable adventure. It offers a panoramic view of the most impressive mountain peaks of the famous White Mountain Range, such as Chacraraju, Artesonraju, Quitaraju, Alpamayo, Caráz, Huandoy, Huascarán, among others. Also, you will discover the tranquility of the crystalline glacial lagoons, Chinancocha and Orcococha.

With a height of approximately 5750 m, the snowy Pisco is often chosen by climbers to achieve acclimatization, before continuing to more difficult climbs. This spectacular peak is situated in the biosphere reserve of Huascarán National Park, with its wonderfully diverse variety of animals such as spectacled bears and vicunas, birds such as the condor, plants such as Queen of the Andes and other life forms.



Pax Price
1 $1,570.00
2 $1,010.00
3 $830.00
4 - 5 $720.00
6 - 7 $700.00
8 - 9 $680.00
10+ $560.00


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