Trekking Huayhuash Classic - 9 days

This amazing circuit traverses around the Huayhuash massif and is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular treks in the world. It offers a set of vertiginous snow-capped peaks and a series of nine steps that are located above 5000 m. It has an exceptional natural diversity, not only of panoramic landscapes but of colorful native flora and fauna. Tranquil lakes of vibrant turquoise and cozy valleys add to its attraction. It also offers a spectacular view of Yerupajá, the second-highest summit in Peru, which is just over 6600 m high.

With an estimated duration of 10 days, this circuit deserves to be among your top destinations if you love adventure and connecting with nature. The tour is quite demanding and acclimatization of at least two days is recommended before starting. For extreme activities or plans to climb some of the higher peaks, consider taking a trained mountaineering team.



Pax Price
1 $3,370.00
2 $1,800.00
3 $1,450.00
4 - 5 $1,130.00
6 - 7 $1,000.00
8 - 9 $950.00
10+ $900.00


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