Climbing Huascarán - 6 days

Huascaran expeditions

The popular Huascarán Mountain is the highest tropical peak not only of the Blanca Mountain Range and Peru itself but of the American continent. This massif, located within the Huascarán National Park, has a South summit of 6768 meters, while the North summit is 6655 meters.

Before ascending, it is necessary to acclimatize. The route itself is technically easy, but you will need to be well prepared as it is physically challenging because of its height. The last camp is at 6,000 m, called the throat, because of its location between the North and South peaks. The South summit, which is taller and more accessible than the North, is the favorite of many climbers. From the top, you will have a spectacular panoramic view in all directions. It is much admired for its incomparable beauty. The conditions for climbing differ every year. Some years the route is fine, but other years there are deep cracks and giant avalanches.



Pax Price
1 $3,000.00
2 $1,956.00
3 $1,730.00
4 - 5 $1,550.00
6 - 7 $1,460.00
8 - 9 $1,310.00
10+ $1,200.00


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