Classic Santa Cruz Trek – 4 days

Among the available hikes in the Blanca Mountain Range, in the Peruvian Andes, the Santa Cruz Trek is one of the most popular with tourists; its wonderful landscapes offer a panoramic view of the magnificent mountain peaks in the region. Combined with lakes of turquoise waters, crystal clear rivers, canyons, and many more incredible sights, the journey is an unforgettable experience. Discover and enjoy nature. Observe the majesty of the mountains, the lush, colorful vegetation, many multicolored birds and a wide variety of native flora and fauna. Enjoy the trail to Punta Unión, approximately 50 km long, with terrain ranging from approximately 2900 m high to approximately 4750 m.

The classic Santa Cruz Trek connects the cities of Cashapampa and Vaquerías. You can start the hike from either one; however, hikers usually prefer to start in Cashapampa.

Join us today. Come and be amazed by the spectacular landscapes of Peru.



Pax Price
1 - 3 $1,430.00
4 - 5 $700.00
6 - 7 $520.00
8 - 9 $460.00
10+ $430.00


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