Day Tours – Wakawi Adventure

Day Tours – Wakawi Adventure

We offer a variety of tourist activities. All our tourist activities come with a high quality of service.

We will adapt the tours we offer to your needs, ranging from small one-day tours to tours of several days depending on the area you want to visit. Start your adventure here!

We offer cultural visits to museums, local markets, pre-Inca archeological sites and thermal baths depending on the location. If you wish to learn about the incredible Peruvian pre-Columbian culture, we have the perfect tour for you. This mysterious land full of beauty and charm is a favorite destination to explore. You won’t want to miss it. We can arrange tours and excursions in private vehicles between mountains and lagoons at your request. If you need to reach a specific location, we offer private vehicle services, taking into account the terrain of the surrounding environment.

Tours of your choice:

Our travel agency offers you the total freedom to choose a tour according to your tastes, time and the route you want.

Our professional, highly trained guides have extensive experience leading excursions and are trained in emergency first aid and survival strategies.

We have provisions in place for if you travel with children and have itineraries planned for little ones. We can arrange a specific departure time to suit you. Our main objective is that you achieve the maximum adventure experience during your tour.

In Wakawi, we offer you superb vacations, in the best tourist locations in Peru. We tailor tours to your individual desires. We accompany you on your tour of Peru, ensuring everything runs smoothly. We will ensure you, your family, partner, loved ones or group of friends share memorable moments and unforgettable experiences.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you make your dream vacation in Peru a reality.

Wakawi is an outstanding tour operator in Peru. With us, you can realize your ambition of visiting and touring our beautiful and diverse country.

With us as your reliable tour operator agency, you can travel safely and responsibly. You can access various travel packages and tourist plans, designed according to your individual and group requirements.

We offer spectacular sites and incredible tours around the Huaraz area. Come discover a truly amazing adventure.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details and to review the costs.

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