We Turn Your Dreams Into Unforgettable Adventures

Wakawi was created to make of your trip a memorable experience, full of fun and adventure. We are highly qualified and eager to turn your dream into a bunch of memories that will stay with you forever. What are you waiting for joining us?

Thousands of travelers are already telling their experiences in the Andes of Peru, and this is what they say

“The Peruvian Andes aren’t just geography, they’re a mystical experience”

“The Wakawi Guides and staff are so experienced that they seem to have been born in the Andes”

"I felt as if I were at home. They treated me as if I were part of their family, not like a customer"

“At the last minute, I had to cancel the booking for family reasons. I thought that I was going to lose half of what I had paid, or even all of it. However, my Wakawi expert rescheduled my trip within minutes. And not only did I not have to pay an additional penny, but he remained at my entire disposal for any new reprogramming and wished me a quick solution to my problem. I felt comforted, cared for…protected”

“My physical condition isn’t the best one. I have a few extra kilos and I haven't exercised in a while. I explained everything to my expert before hiring the trip, but I thought that it would be nonsense and useless. However, he surprised me with an itinerary completely tailored to me. The routes he programmed were just the right level of difficulty and length so that I could enjoy the trip without running out of breath…and without feeling unable to move”

The Wakawi adventure is for you because:

  • You want a personalized experience, not a massive itinerary.
  • You are looking for a proposal that fits your preferences and interests.
  • You want your time to be valued.
  • You need an intimate travel experience, only in the company of those you choose to share it with.
  • You want to choose the type of lodging that offers you the most comfort and makes you feel at ease.
  • You expect transportation to be private, as well as having food, drinks, tents and the necessary services to liven up your stay in the area.
  • You know what you want and are eager to design your own trip. Who can be better than you to put together the itinerary of your dreams?
  • You need your opinions to be respected, but also to receive the most convenient recommendations and suggestions to get the most out of your experience in the Andes.

What to expect from us?

In addition to fulfilling all your wishes and satisfying your adventurous traveler needs, this is what we do for you:

We guarantee your safety. We are professional mountain Guides (AGMP - IFMGA).

We are a formal travel agency, with the support of MINCETUR, PROMPERU AND DIRCETUR.

We don’t take you to visit the area, we accompany you to conquer the summit.

We offer you a high quality service, with mountain equipment modern, friendly and trained staff.

A company you can trust

The Wakawi Adventure’s vision is to create authentic, exclusive, unique, immersive and meaningful experiences for adventurous travelers like you. We are dedicated to providing you with trips full of emotions and different from the competition’s; we facilitate meaningful interactions between people and Mother Earth; we provide well-equipped accommodation; we design adventures like no other company does; we promote five-star cultural cuisine and the most impressive wildlife encounters. In turn, Wakawi travelers are not only expedition enthusiasts, but also environmental conservators.

From carefully selected Mountain Guides to the friendliest staff you'll ever meet, our team is made up of people with passion, professionalism, empathy and flexibility. Whether you are exploring the Andes of Peru, Argentina, Bolivia or Ecuador, we promise you authentic experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Experienced Wakawi Guides

An AGMP - UIAGM Guide provides you with technical security and can turn your experiences into unforgettable memories.

All our Guides are active members of AGMP – IFMGA.

Each of our Guides has extensive technical, cultural, environmental and first aid expertise.

We only hire extremely well trained, fun, friendly and professional Guides.

Mountain Guides (AGMP - IFMGA).

Our mountain Guides are carefully selected by us as founders of the company, because we are experienced AGMP – UIAGM Guides who have traveled and climbed the Andes of South America for more than twenty-five years. We understand that the Guides are an essential part of our adventures and that they truly make the difference between a good adventure and an exceptional trip, in which all five senses are involved. That's why carefully select through a personal interview only the most experienced, well-trained, professional and friendly Guides in the region.

Because you are a traveler looking for an experience alongside professionals who are camouflaged with the environment to be explored, we select for you the Guides who can guarantee you an authentic understanding of the natural wonders that you will explore every day. You will be in the most capable hands in safety and first aid. We take care of you at every step while you discover and enjoy nature.